I-Pharm Biomart

Dataset summary:

The PharmDB is a tripartite pharmacological network database and consists of three kinds of nodes, namely, human diseases, drugs, and proteins.

The data were imported from nine public databases, EntrezGene interaction, MINT, DIP, CTD, TTD, ChemBank, PharmGKB, OMIM, and GAD.

For data integration in a unified format, we adopted PubChem CID for drugs, GeneID for proteins, and MeSH descriptor for diseases. PharmDB and phExplorer, a network visualization tool, are freely available at http://www.i-pharm.org/

As an ever-increasing number of biological and pharmacological data are scattered, the integrated data of PharmDB is valuable as it is.

Additionally, we developed the shared neighborhood scoring algorithm which opens new way to predict un-revealed relationships between drugs, proteins and diseases.

These predicted information is in "inferred link" table.