i-Pharm Biomart

Dataset summary:

PharmDB-K is composed of nine different relationship categories,
namely TKM-Disease, TKM-Drug, TKM-Protein, Drug-Disease, Drug-Drug, 
Drug-Protein, Drug-Side Effect, Disease-Protein and Protein-Protein. 
We categorized FDA approved drugs and all types of chemicals 
including experimental compounds, indicator and ingredient compounds 
of herbs into Drug because of its possibility. 
So, TKM-Drug relationship mainly means indicator compounds, 
active compounds and chemical profiles of herbs.

The data was imported from fourteen different databases (ChEMBL, CTD, 
DCDB, DIP, DrugBank, Entrez Gene Interactions, GAD, Korean Traditional 
Knowledge Portal, MATADOR, MINT, OMIM, SIDER, T3DB and TTD) 
and six Pharmacopoeias and published articles. For data integration 
in a unified format, we adopted PubChem CID for drugs, 
Entrez Gene ID for proteins, MeSH descriptor for diseases and side effects, 
and Med CD number of Korean Traditional Knowledge Portal for herbs.

PharmDB-K was designed to introduce TKM to cutting edge drug discovery 
research field. We believe that PharmDB-K provides new insights 
of TKM-originated drug development research.